About Us

Too Taak Persian Raisin PJSC is a private joint stock company registered in 2016 continuing our more than 30 years experience in processing and exporting Raisins , Barberry and Jujube. The Soleimani family established Too Taak in 1985 forging forward what their ancestors had started in 1870. Our father decided to stretch and develop the business into wholesale.Bebam followed their father’s footstep by processing and exporting Raisins since 1985 Our vast farms are located in Quchan and Qaen where we grow our vine fruits with extreme care. Too Taak Raisins , Barberry and Jujube have been exported to The United Stales, Canada, Europe and Asia.


From 26 July 2021
Toos Taak Persian Raisin pjsc company had to change the privous domin
and any website or emial from the above-mentioned domin is not related to Toos Taak Persian Raisin pjsc any more.
It must be noted that there is no brand as an agent for our company.